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Rank Still Matters in the Age of Secure Search

The days of judging SEO success purely based on rank are long gone.
Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, the Knowledge Graph, Google Carousel, and most recently secure search mean that there is no longer a linear path to achieving rank, nor is there only one rank metric.
Rank is a fluid, multi-dimensional metric, and it still has

Inbound Marketing Trends

The Inbound Marketing industry is constantly changing and sees a ton of new, useful information on the regular. Keeping up on the latest industry knowledge is key; but what are the most popular avenues to stay up to date on the latest industry trends?
Surprise! (Not really.) 93.97% of Marketers use blogs as their go-to

How to Avoid Buying a Bad Domain

Buying a new domain can be stressful, especially when you don’t know if there is any previous bad history with the domain and Google.
Many people purchase a domain only to discover it’s been seemingly permanently banned by Google for using black hat SEO tactics, then have to jump through hoops to prove it’s all

SEO Tips For Building Your Personal Brand

Most firms now recognize the importance of developing a powerful online brand. Now, an increasing number of professionals have started to recognize the benefits of developing a personal brand.
Below, some examples of how you can use social media to help ensure ranking as highly as possible in Google for your “personal brand.”

Blogging. Blogging

Title Tags

It used to be conventional wisdom that title tags should be between 65 and 70 characters in length. Early this year Google began experimenting with a new search layout design that reducesthe number of characters shown to lengths between 48 and 62 characters.
The title tag remains an important part of SEO for one basic reason – it is the overall label for the content

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