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Webinova SMO ServicesSocial Media Optimization – Do you Count your Social Popularity ?

Over the past few years, as the social media became the trendsetter in the online user engagement community, Webinova has been recognized as the Best Social Media Optimization Company. The team at Webinova comprises of social media experts with vast experience, with many of them in-fact being social media innovation workers. While the team boasts itself of its expertise, it also realizes to have a seat with one of the leading and Top Social Media Optimization Companies in India.

Social networks have seen a major rise in traffic of online users who actively engage and participate through likes, posts, comments, etc., often multiple hours a day. With businesses having an online presence with a website, it’s more of a trend to have your business page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + , Pinterest and other major social networks.

Most of these social networks may be rightly considered having replaced the job of news networks, TV channels and e-magazines. While the news and communication media covers the most highlighted happenings and incidents, on the other hand, these social networks keep you posted about the big, including national, internationals news and the small ones like about the companies or people you are interesting in knowing about or following their feeds. Small news may often be of greater use to you, as it lets you know about your friends, family, the new trends in your industry, latest innovations and even you can keep track of your business competitor’s feeds.

Facebook: Having a business page on Facebook is a mandatory requirement for each and every online business these days. Facebook comprises of all types of users, ranging from diverse ages, locations, profession, businesses and is more of social connectivity site, where you can connect with your family, friends, relatives. It records the highest number of registered users globally and based on the daily user activity and participation, it is the most popular network. So mind it, if you still don’t have a page on Facebook. Open a new tab while reading this post and create it right away. If not, then you’re losing something really big.

Pinterest has been recently recognized to have the maximum user activity and engagement, with an increase of 4000% in its popularity and is just next to Facebook today.

Twitter is said to be the most effective among individuals, companies, celebrities, politicians and social impact creators. A short tweet composed a few characters, with the link to the full post is seen very effective to catch readers, instead of writing large size excerpts. Twitter engages millions of users and stands next only to Facebook in number of registered users and social engagements.

LinkedIn is truly a network of professionals from diverse business verticals and industries. When on LinkedIn, you can be quite sure to find the best companies, top management officials of organizations, managers and employees. A business page on LinkedIn makes you a true businessman in one way, because its the network where you ought to be actually and in all ways. Using this network, you can often easily target your potential clients for sales and marketing purposes or for posting job vacancies that would directly reach the intended candidates.

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