$3 Billion rise in SEO business by march 2014

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$3 Billion rise in SEO business by march 2014

If you’re the Best Internet Marketing Company, it’s time for your efforts to pay you back

The near future of all Internet Marketing companies is supposed to get a great hike by the first quarter of 2014. Do not think it a rumor as Google has started setting out plans to improve it’s search quality on its all country specific search engines. It has been estimated that the SEO or Search Engine Optimization business will bring a turnover of $3 billion and probably above.

With the Earthlings moving onto the internet for inquiries about various products and services, searching the stuff they want and order them online by paying safely and securely using the credit or debit cards. The daily life  has become even simpler now where you get things delivered home with a click on your smartphone, tablets or any other internet connected device.

In the second half of the past decade, the number of online users has increased exponentially, showing a growth of over 400% to 4000% rise, in most of the developed or developing countries. The companies providing services such as :

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Pay Per Click Services on Google, yahoo, Bing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting

And other internet based service provider are just going to 100-220 times richer than they are today. The internet marketing business has taken a huge leap and this will change the hard to get strategy. More ease and availability of getting all stuff you need, delivered to your home directly and at the least time.

On the other hand Google is working hard to improve the quality of online search and penalize the spammers or websites that try to fool the users. It now means that if you run a genuine business and you’ve got the right SEO company hired then you’re going to be richer the same way. We are at Webinova specialize in quality search ranking on Google in the top 10 positions, beating down your competitors of your profession or trade. It also means that your investments to design or develop a website for your business, improve the content quality, optimization of  your website in accordance with Google guidelines will bring you great long term ROI.

Today , if you have your business online, there’s nothing better than that ! So start now and contact Webinova team to help you with all website related services. From registering your domain, through design & development, online marketing and search engine optimization, everything will be well taken care of.

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