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Webinova Inc – Best Internet Marketing, Top Website Design Company

Webinova Inc – Best Internet Marketing, Top Website Design Company

Webinova_brand_logoThe facts behind well organized, on-time & satisfactory delivery of projects at Webinova:-

  • Webinova is run by entrepreneurs with a good experience in the IT industry. They have worked in the IT industry almost with every business vertical, executed several types of projects with custom requirements of the clients. There industry experience and expertise helps them to choose the right marketing strategy, proper functioning & execution & high return giving marketing campaigns.
  • The company chooses & makes good endeavors to retain the potential resources of the company, be it the SEO audit techies, the developers, the Search engine optimization executives, the team leaders, project managers or the zonal digital directors for various countries.
  • Webinova has turned into the best internet marketing company since its inception in 2008 to the virtue of the dedicated team of professionals, the passion they keep to there job and the love for there career growth
  • Webinova runs several services and those have been classified into Web Solutions, Ecommerce Solutions, Digital Marketing, IT Security and Mobile Application Development
  • The management maintains the sales & marketing team in conjunction with each other, although the teams are separate for separate services or as per the demography
  • For web solutions, there sits a separate team of graphic designers, web developers & project managers, who look after the design & development of websites
  • The ecommerce section is handled by an experienced team of ecommerce portal developers who master in coding languages such as PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, oScommerce & several other platforms. So, you can trust that any kind of feature you need on your online shop, can be quickly developed by our team
  • The digital marketing comprises of digital marketing experts, Google search analysts, Google algorithm reviewers, cross-vertical analysts, SEO executives, SEO Trainers, SEO directors, social media marketing executives, Google AdWords Certified & Certified Google Adwords Individual partners, Conversion Rate Optimization Experts & Link builders
  • The web hosting team deals with hosting on various servers such as Windows or linux based. These activities are handled by a team of server admins & Webmasters
  • The IT security team comprises of white hackers, highly trained & experienced in solving various attacks & penetration issues. The IT security team here often knows the existing loopholes into your site upon analysis & suggest you preventive measures or proxy methods.

The expertise of the company has been attained over rough and tough years of experience, fail and win approaches & in sheer expertise & understanding of the job it does.

Rank Still Matters in the Age of Secure Search

The days of judging SEO success purely based on rank are long gone.

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, the Knowledge Graph, Google Carousel, and most recently secure search mean that there is no longer a linear path to achieving rank, nor is there only one rank metric.

Rank is a fluid, multi-dimensional metric, and it still has everything to do with your business.

Focus on the Page/Content Based Approach to SEO

The page/content based approach to SEO is important for 100 percent of SEO professionals – and 85 percent said it would be more or much more important for them in 2014 compared to 2013.

But what specifically about the page-based approach to SEO is going to be important for marketers in 2014?

  • 84 percent said that understanding the business impact of the page or content in terms of actual traffic, conversions and revenue would be more important. SEO success goes far beyond traffic – it affects the bottom line.

Content Measurement Factors 2014 vs. 2013

The Basics of SEO and Rank

With an increasing number of ranking variables, what’s on the minds of marketers when they think about rank?

  • 71 percent said understanding the correlations between social sharing and rank will be more or much more important in 2014. This is where the cross-functional role of the SEO comes into play: SEO professionals must increasingly bridge the gap between departmentsto drive business success.

Importance of Ranking Factors 2014 vs. 2013

Rank Is More Complex

We all know that rank is no longer a list of 10 blue links, page after page. Rank differs across devices, locations. One result can have multiple links, links can be served in a pack, or they can appear as images on the above-mentioned Carousel.

Which ranking variables are brands most concerned about as they head into 2014?

  • 85 percent said measuring rank across mobile devices such as tablets as smartphones would be more or much more important in 2014. This is not surprising, as traffic from mobile devices approaches one-third of all Web traffic.

Importance of Ranking Variables 2014 vs. 2013

Inbound Marketing Trends

The Inbound Marketing industry is constantly changing and sees a ton of new, useful information on the regular. Keeping up on the latest industry knowledge is key; but what are the most popular avenues to stay up to date on the latest industry trends?

Surprise! (Not really.) 93.97% of Marketers use blogs as their go-to source to keep up with the latest industry shifts. Not too far behind were Social Media at 74.01% and Online Guides at 73.37%.

Of those surveyed, 45% say they spend more than 2 days per month researching and learning about the latest trends in SEO—more than any other area of digital marketing. I think it’s fair to say SEOs are like a bunch of sponges soaking up water. Except in this case, the water is actually knowledge. SEOs = Content Carnivores!


Key takeaway: Budget increases are helping companies implement more marketing automation.

The results from the Moz Industry Survey reveal that Digital Marketers will have increased budgets in 2014, if projections stand correct. That’s great news for the industry as a whole and shows the SEO industry continues to grow.

Key takeaway: Create a strategy so you have time for the king.

It is clear that Content is, and will continue to be, king of 2014. A large percentage of B2B Marketers are or plan to spend a decent amount of their budgets on Content this year, but it looks like there is still plenty of room for improvement. Data from CMI indicates 49.5% of Marketers don’t have a documented content strategy and are challenged with producing engaging content.


Key takeaway: Use the network your target demographic is using.

Facebook continues to be the Social network of choice for most internet users, though some suggest it has reached its peak usage from the younger demographic. Despite those claims, Facebook continues to have the highest frequency of Social Media site use with 63% daily visits, according to PEW Research Center. With the highest number AND the most engaged users, Facebook continues to dominate the social landscape.

The key takeaway with Social Networks boils down to what channel your target market happens to be using. For example, if you are primarily targeting a female audience, consider focusing on Pinterest. According to a survey from Pew Research Center, one third of women in the U.S. use Pinterest. If you are able to focus on multiple Social Networks, look at the cross tabulation of Social Platforms for your target demographic to help determine where you should allocate your time and effort.

How to Avoid Buying a Bad Domain

How to Avoid Buying a Bad DomainBuying a new domain can be stressful, especially when you don’t know if there is any previous bad history with the domain and Google.

Many people purchase a domain only to discover it’s been seemingly permanently banned by Google for using black hat SEO tactics, then have to jump through hoops to prove it’s all cleaned up and do a reconsideration request. And it becomes even murkier when purchasing not only a domain name but also the site content as well.

In a new webmaster help video, Google’s Matt Cutts details some things webmasters can do before purchasing a domain to prevent ranking problems later.

Start by doing a site search in Google for the name of the domain you’re buying, he said.

“If there’s no results at all for that domain, even if there’s content on the domain, that’s a pretty bad sign,” he said. “If the domain is parked, well we try to take part domains out of the results anyway so that might not indicate anything. But if you try to do site: and see zero results, that’s often a bad sign.”

You can also do a site: search on the domain name in Bing as well, so you can get a better idea. Obviously if a site is showing up in Bing, but not Google, that’s a major red flag. But you can also do a site: search in Bing and plug in typical spam keywords and see what shows up.

“Just search for the domain name, or the name of the domain minus, or whatever the extension is on the end. Because you can often find a little bit about the reputation of the domain,” Cutts said.

“So were people spamming without the domain name? Were they talking about it in a bad way like, ‘This guy was sending me unsolicited email and leaving spam comments on my blog’? That’s a really good way to sort of figure out what’s going on for a site, or what it was like in the past,” he said.

Again, do a thorough search on both Google and Bing, especially if you’re looking for things like spam comments they might’ve left where those sites are now removed from the Google index.

SEO Tips For Building Your Personal Brand

Most firms now recognize the importance of developing a powerful online brand. Now, an increasing number of professionals have started to recognize the benefits of developing a personal brand.

Below, some examples of how you can use social media to help ensure ranking as highly as possible in Google for your “personal brand.”

SEO Tips For Building Your Personal Brand

Blogging. Blogging is an excellent method of building a strong reputation within an industry. If hundreds or even thousands of people are subscribing to read your content and expert opinions, then this is clearly something you want searchers to find when they come looking for you online.

Most blogs are likely to be hosted on either a company or personal domain and the natural links generated should help to ensure this has a strong reputation in the search engines.

Guest blogging. If you work hard on your own blog and keep it fresh with useful content, you can normally expect to rank for two of the top ten listings in Google at best. However, in addition to this you may have opportunities to guest blog at similar related websites.

Twitter. Similar to blogging, Twitter is an excellent method of building a strong online reputation within an industry. If you can build a following of relevant users by providing valuable tweets, you’ll probably find that your profile page will be highly regarded in the search engines too.

If potential clients are looking for more information about you, then a Twitter profile containing expert advice and related conversations is going to help strengthen your reputation in the eyes of the searcher.

Business social media networking. Many people have profiles on business networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo. These are great sites to show a professional profile containing your career history to browsing users, letting them know straight away the company you are currently working for, if people are looking to contact or reconnect with you.

Online presentations. If you’ve spoken at a conference, seminar or workshop, upload your presentation to SlideShare and Scribd. This will allow people to view and download your presentations, plus it’s another chance to optimize for your name (or company name) and show that you are a highly respected speaker.

Online video. Similar to online presentations, if you have any video recordings of conference or seminar speaking events then upload the ones you find appropriate to online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Social media networking. Once you have targeted the main positive listings you want to appear in the search engines, why not try controlling even more real estate with some more neutral listings? The obvious ones are profile pages on sites such as Facebook (grab that vanity URL!), Flickr, Digg and StumbleUpon.

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