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Best SEO,SEM,SMM Service & the impact on ROI

Best SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC Companies in Bangalore IndiaBest SEO,SEM,SMM Service & the impact on ROI

Have you ever thought as how much would Online Marketing strategies impact the rise in your ROI ? If not, then please be patient to read this article while I reveal the big magic.

Where it has been recently reported after a global survey that the e-commerce industry shall grow revenues of $76 billion by the year 2015. We are much much sure to see an exponential rise in businesses which have their online presence.

To start a business, it is quite easier with the help of a web developer to set up an online website to showcase your information or even sell products or services online.

It was never so easier to have a global coverage for your business until the internet came into existence. The following are the most used online marketing strategies:-

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a long term organic visibility campaign via the use of various techniques to bring a website among top 10 links. It is a more trusted search result.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing is a way of displaying your ads over the entire web including search engines as well as display networks. You also have the option to select devices where your ads are displayed, for example tablets, computers, mobile phones, etc.

SMM – Social Media Marketing has recently become very popular and has actually brought a major revolution in the internet marketing era. You can use some of the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to display your ads. As the number of users on social networks has been increasingly exponentially, you will find more traffic for your business and potential customers over social networks.

PPC – Pay Per Click Services are actually what they literally mean. Yes, it means that your Ads are displayed on various websites, blogs and forums, search engines, etc and you pay only for the number of clicks made by visitors. These visitors come to your site looking for the service you offer and hence may be your potential customers.

Impact on ROI

Now that you’ve understood the above mentioned major online marketing techniques, you would be wondering as what would be the returns on your investments. Of course, online marketing involves financial investments, sometimes as per your budget and sometimes beyond your pocket affordability. However, when we talk about online marketing, you always do have the choice to limit your budget to what you can actually afford.

While SEM, SMM & PPC are said to be temporary services or say Ad campaigns that fetch you leads only till the time you run the Ad and keep paying the Ad agencies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, etc. These 3 techniques usually give you ROI between the range of 200% to 800%.

SEO being a long term lead generation technique, keeps you visible on search engines for a longer time, giving you ROIs of about 40% to 5000% . This is one of the best and most trusted marketing strategies. SEO is cheaper too in comparison to SEM, SMM & PPC. But the point to be noted is that SEO should be a continuous process. To get higher ROI, you should choose a good SEO company who can help you with SEO executives with minimum 2-3 years of experience in search engine optimization.

You can help boost the impact of SEO with Press Releases. Visit to register for free and post unlimited content including texts, images, videos, etc.


Search Engine Optimization – SEO Services Expert

SEO experts India

Why hire an experienced Search Engine Expert ?

 SEO experts India, SEO companies bangaloreSeeds never grew into trees in a day,kids never become men in a while and someone never turns out to be a billionaire overnight. While all that I speak here in this article applies and refers to Search Engine Optimizers or SEO Experts. My talk should be a more relevant study on SEO services for people who are looking out there on Google, searching for an SEO Expert as his / her company needs one urgently.

There are many techies around the globe, specially undergraduates who are more keen into developing SEO skills and learning them the best way. Freelancers work for self at a very less charge for SEO and they are usually a competition for big MNCs who charge much higher. But what matters to the customer hunting for an a Search Engine expert is “EXPERIENCE”.

Yes,SEO learnt in a day is dangerous and if your site has been handed over to a beginner, then your website gives him an opportunity to experiment what he has learnt till date & that could get your website blacklisted by Google & you never have it reputed again once blacklisted.

So,please be advised kindly to look for an experienced team of professionals, Webinova is one of the best in date for SEO services with affordable prices worldwide. Try us once and see the difference in rankings in short time.

Local SEO Aided Sales Surge for Small Business

Increase visibility to your business & its location to reap quality clients


Local SEO Aided Sales Surge for Small Business – Every business follows its own way of marketing methods/tactics/techniques to attract clients or customers towards their business. This may vary in terms of the capital they invest over marketing their goods or services depending on the size of the business each may fall under; it may be small, medium, large or huge.

You may be a lawyer, florist, mason, plumber, physician, surgeon, dentist, hotel owner, restaurant owner, carpenter, real estate dealer or any other business which needs local customers. Local Business Marketing predominantly needs Local SEO done to their business. This is always possible even when you lack a website. But I am never an encourager of the – “No website necessary for your business” concept. Check out my Infographics for Local SEO and register your worthy comments below.


Local SEO Infographics

Local SEO| 9 Tips to Dominate Your Local Competitors Online

Local Internet Marketing is trending among local vendors and so is the demand for Local SEO services

Local SEOIf you are ready to market your local business online, it’s very essential that you consider certain important factors that help you gain online visibility easier & at a faster rate. Promoting your business & its location over all possible local online channels help you grab the attention of those internet users who are very much in need of your service. Most of the internet users make use of search engines like Google, Bing/Yahoo to locate local service providers like plumbers, carpenters, welders, dentists, florists & so many other small businesses…

Let’s get deep into it:

1. Keyword Selection

A best chosen keyword leaves you with half the SEO job done. It’s not always affordable & possible for a computer hardware repair service provider who seeks for Local clients to rank for the keyword “pc repair”. The local monthly search data for this high-competitive keyword is 33,100. Then doesn’t he deserve to rank top for his business-related-keywords? Yes of Course, he has the chance & now has got a better opportunity than that of the previous one. Long tailed location specific keywords.

When he adds a short tail to his niche keyword, the number of local monthly searches jumps down to hit an achievable, yet competitive rate. Can u see the competition variance, below?






Setting a long tail keyword specifying your business location is the prime key to Local SEO victory. Hence opt for keywords which best describe your business, and those which also converts. Writing a compelling associated with a wise keyword selection go hand in hand.

Search for your business website’s keywords over Google Adwords and analyze the competition.

2.Knowledge about the market at your location

Market research and analysis are an integral part of any business and your goals should be realistic & achievable.


A start-up should identify who your local clients are and continuously research on ideas to reach them. Whereas, a well-established business should eye on ways to expand & establishing new branch offices over other targeted demographic locations.

A business should always pay attention to evolving marketing needs & requirement of their customers. Competitor analysis is incredible for Local Internet Marketing and this determines how effective or ineffective you are concerned with the online market. Why don’t you try talking to your competitor’s customers?

3.Website Optimization focusing Local

Showcase before your website’s visitors the locations you serve, which helps them take ONPAGE SEO LOCALquick decisions & avoids unwanted time lapse. Try to have your city name, province & business name incorporated into the webpage URL. Try to wisely include location into your Meta content, Header tags and content. Include the address you use for Local SEO promotion along with your contact phone number in each and every page of your website, if possible. Generate a Geo Site Map over Google, upload them over your website’s root folder & finally add it into Google’s webmaster tools. This way, Google will get instructed on where your business is located and shares the information with its users.


Page loading speed, domain authority, & page aauthority of landing pages are the other On-page factors affecting a website’s conversion rate. Creating a genuine testimonial column for your website helps you gain the trust of visitors & increases sales.

4.Social media sites

Targeting your local clients requires reach, and this message OR reach is easily attained by means of social media sites. Unsaturated engagement & regular updates on your business gains you many fans & fan-sharing. “Word of mouth” message spread is easily possible by means of dedicated social media site-handling. 


Actively engage with your fans/followers. Alert them with a post regarding any special offers that you plan for your products or services, and openly ask them for referrals to their family, pals OR colleagues. Also, never restrict your social focus on Google plus. Share your time on Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn & Pinterest to gain more clients locally. Display the social icons over your website visibly, so that visitor click through them to know how great your fan-base & engagement is. Build great Branding for sales surge. Concentrate more on advertising your company, the location & contact details over Facebook Company page, Twitter for Business, LinkedIn “Companies” & Google plus Business Page. Favor & help your fans to transform them into your clients.

5.Infographics & Pinterest for Local Business Marketing

Images speak more than words/writing. We are aware of that, and the same applies in case of Infographics combined with Pinterest promotion. But why Pinterest? Within a very short period of time Pinterest topped & expelled the other top online image displaying sites like Picasa, Fotki & Flickr. So why don’t you draw what you need to tell your clients in form of an Infographic & market it via the much viable & viral Pinterest medium? Also don’t stop doing this just once & stay idle, for an extended reach you need to actively engage yourself into a particular task. 



6.Don’t stuff your keywords & post fake reviews


Too much is always good for nothing. You might get hit hard with Google algorithm updates in case you over optimize or keyword stuff your website’s content. Check for over optimization of content using reliable & popular free/ paid SEO tools. Approach an SEO vendor who pays attention to bringing your website to the top of search engines, rather striving hard to apply each of their default SEO techniques to your site. Each website & each business is different, and hence each one needs a special attention & treatment.

Some website owners wish to link all their sub-page anchor texts pointing to their home-page. When Google detects this, your homepage gets de-indexed & you will never be able to see traffic to your site after that, unless you take huge pain to get them back into form, which is again a cat-on-the wall effort.Local SEO Service provider

Similarly, is the fake review postings done on a business. A website should look worth the rating & reviews posted on it. A fake review never originates from a real name, rather adjusting with much obvious fake names like ‘flowerpot007jj’. Also the tone of the review also matters. Review posts like, “I have used ‘XYZ’ services and they were too good that I will approach them for business the next time too.” How do you guess that someone will get back to you seeing this review comment & a five-star rating nearby? A testimonial should detail the factor behind a person liking the service/product. Don’t fall prey to fake-review writers.

7.Schedule Meet-Ups with your local people

REFERRALS LOCAL SEOCall upon your local people for an informal get-together & educate them on how you & your business would benefit them. This helps to increase trust & ownership on your business over them. Invite your old clients, present ones & all those partners who help you survive I business. Show them statistics of how you have improved these days & how your clients have benefitted. Help & serve them to reap more leads in return.

Ask your clients for referrals and make them rejoice with an exclusive offer or a surprise gift in return.


citations local seoCitations are mentions of your business with/without contact details & call to actions over the web. The plot may vary as per the amount of details we furnish. Local businesses which lack a website highly benefit out of these citations. Mentions of a business over yellow pages or local directories, along with a phone number will be more than enough to drive in sales leads, once you don’t have website. Those small businesses which have a website benefit twice as much than that of those which don’t. A backlink from the cited location earns more site visits & higher will be the rate of conversion.

Please remember to feature the same address of your website over the citations also. This increases authenticity & chances of search engines indexing & considering your website as genuine among others.

9.Video Making & Marketing

You need not outsource your small business to an ad agency which charges you six & seven digit​ fee for an ad work done on your business. 

viral video seo

Instead, you can prepare small, inexpensive videos yourselves on your business emphasizing your purpose, quality service & customer handling method. The video should be more like a one-on-one interaction with each of your future clients at your local places. Video promotion can be done free of cost & youcan also advert & publish the same over all possible places around the web.

Note that your video should pierce your target audience & make them try your service once. Remember to monitor comments & respond back to their queries & also thank them for positive feedbacks. Optimize your video description, title & keywords for your location & main keyword. Controversial is always going viral & try to make your video way different & unexpected from that of your competitors in the industry. This way you and your business get noted as your video may attain the viral status. Think Out Of The Box!

Listen to this presentation by Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s trends manager, at the TEDYouth event.


Hope you found the information useful. Please POST your valuable comments below.

Enhanced campaigns: Making it easier for customers to reach you with upgraded call extensions and sitelinks

People are constantly connected and searching from all kinds of devices. Advertisers are looking for ways to quickly provide customers with the right information, in formats that make sense for where they are, the time of day, and the device they’re using. As part of AdWords enhanced campaigns, we upgraded call extensions and sitelinks with several new features to help you reach customers in more relevant ways across these varying contexts.

In this post and a Learn with Google Webinar this Thursday, February 28th, at 10am PST (sign-up here), we’ll provide a closer look at these new features, and give you practical examples for how to use them to drive better business results.

Improved extensions for the multi-device world
In our world of constant connectivity, people expect to have the information they’re looking for right at their fingertips. Sitelinks provide your customers with links to any part of your website, directly within the ad. On average, ads with sitelinks have a 30% higher click-through rate compared to standalone ads. With enhanced campaigns, you can now customize sitelinks at the ad group level, in addition to the campaign level. You can also customize sitelinks specifically for mobile devices:

People are often looking for ways to connect with you directly on the phone. In fact, there are more than 27 million calls per month through our ads call products on mobile and desktop. In addition to calling you directly from a smartphone, people may wish to find your business’ phone number when searching from devices without call functionality like computers and tablets. With enhanced campaigns, you can now show your business phone number or a Google forwarding number in call extensions on computers and tablets. Additionally, Google forwarding numbers are now free on all devices. Learn more

Precise extension scheduling for more granular control
Many advertisers customize their ad content to align with their business hours or special events like sales and promotions. With enhanced campaigns, you can now schedule the specific dates, days of the week, or times of day for your call extensions and sitelinks, at either the ad group or campaign levels. So instead of having to manually turn ads on or off to run specific extensions, you can now schedule them ahead of time.

Example: A multi-national sporting goods business has a website and physical stores in 5 major cities. With enhanced campaigns, Mary, their online marketing manager, can align her AdWords schedule with the operations of the business. Mary runs call extensions between 10am and 6pm when her stores are staffed. After 6pm, she schedules ads to point to the website instead of the call extension. For weekend sales and promotions, she can schedule sitelinks pointing customers directly to her “Sale” page. Scheduling enables sitelinks to appear exactly at the times that Mary sets (e.g., 12 midnight on Saturday) instead of having to manually turn them on at that time.

Advanced reporting for sitelinks and new conversion types
Many advertisers drive leads or conduct business over the phone, so they value phone calls as much as, or more than, clicks to their website. To give you greater visibility into the full value of your ad spend, AdWords reports now count phone calls as conversions, making it easier to compare calls alongside more traditional conversion types like online sales. For example, you can now specify that calls longer than 60 seconds count as conversions.

We’ve also made reporting for individual sitelinks more precise and actionable. You can now manage and track sitelinks individually to ensure that each one drives the right ROI. You can also take advantage of per-link approvals so if one link is disapproved, your other links can still run.

Continuing the above example: Mary uses the new detailed per-link reports to manage individual sitelinks. Below, you can see that the “Swimming” sitelink only got 16 clicks, while the other sitelinks for the sporting goods store got 100+ clicks each. With this precise data, Mary made the informed decision to replace the “Swimming” sitelink with another one, like “Soccer.”

Mary further segments her data with the “This Extension vs. Other” feature. Here, you can see that two clicks occurred specifically on the “Running” sitelink while 137 clicks occurred on the other parts of the sitelink, like the headline.

We really value your feedback to help us make AdWords even better. In fact, many of the new features that we described today are a result of your ideas and suggestions. Please continue to share your thoughts using this form so we can continue to improve the product.

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