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Webinova Inc – Best Internet Marketing, Top Website Design Company

Webinova Inc – Best Internet Marketing, Top Website Design Company

Webinova_brand_logoThe facts behind well organized, on-time & satisfactory delivery of projects at Webinova:-

  • Webinova is run by entrepreneurs with a good experience in the IT industry. They have worked in the IT industry almost with every business vertical, executed several types of projects with custom requirements of the clients. There industry experience and expertise helps them to choose the right marketing strategy, proper functioning & execution & high return giving marketing campaigns.
  • The company chooses & makes good endeavors to retain the potential resources of the company, be it the SEO audit techies, the developers, the Search engine optimization executives, the team leaders, project managers or the zonal digital directors for various countries.
  • Webinova has turned into the best internet marketing company since its inception in 2008 to the virtue of the dedicated team of professionals, the passion they keep to there job and the love for there career growth
  • Webinova runs several services and those have been classified into Web Solutions, Ecommerce Solutions, Digital Marketing, IT Security and Mobile Application Development
  • The management maintains the sales & marketing team in conjunction with each other, although the teams are separate for separate services or as per the demography
  • For web solutions, there sits a separate team of graphic designers, web developers & project managers, who look after the design & development of websites
  • The ecommerce section is handled by an experienced team of ecommerce portal developers who master in coding languages such as PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, oScommerce & several other platforms. So, you can trust that any kind of feature you need on your online shop, can be quickly developed by our team
  • The digital marketing comprises of digital marketing experts, Google search analysts, Google algorithm reviewers, cross-vertical analysts, SEO executives, SEO Trainers, SEO directors, social media marketing executives, Google AdWords Certified & Certified Google Adwords Individual partners, Conversion Rate Optimization Experts & Link builders
  • The web hosting team deals with hosting on various servers such as Windows or linux based. These activities are handled by a team of server admins & Webmasters
  • The IT security team comprises of white hackers, highly trained & experienced in solving various attacks & penetration issues. The IT security team here often knows the existing loopholes into your site upon analysis & suggest you preventive measures or proxy methods.

The expertise of the company has been attained over rough and tough years of experience, fail and win approaches & in sheer expertise & understanding of the job it does.

The Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2014

The Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2014The Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2014

A review of social media marketing in 2013 has produced several “must have” trends for every 2014 marketing plan. As you round out your marketing budgets and put the finishing touches on your well planned strategies, here’s what you need to know in order to reach your customers more effectively in the New Year:

1.Thoroughly understand your audience and product or serviceIn 2009,the University of California published a report in which they concluded that the average person sees over 34 billion bits of information every day. 34 billion bits of information equates to reading approximately two books per day. As a result of processing so much information, people are beginning to tune out; their attention is becoming a rare commodity. What does this mean for you? It means you need to have an acute understanding of your audience and how your product or service relates to them. In a high “Pinterest-ized” social media world, you need a visual, shareable message that demands and holds limited attention within seconds.

2.Mobilized material is a mustPeople are leaving desktop technology behind and flocking to their smart phone and tablet devices. The Pew Internet & American Life Project published a research paper in which they determined over 90 percent of Americans own a mobile device,  and 57 percent of them surf the Internet with those devices. Smart phones are quickly outnumbering other types of technology, ushering in what many are dubbing “the mobile revolution.” It is imperative that businesses take their digital properties beyond mere mobile optimization in 2014. Digital properties need to be responsive and adaptive, able to fluidly change and respond to the viewing capabilities of any mobile device. Audiences are also expecting the delivery of real time information based on relevance and location, which means digital properties must be search engine optimized for local search parameters. Audiences are expecting one-to-one personalization, and mobile technology is handing business owners the ability to give it.

3.Out with analytic and in with predictive tools. Thus far, we have grown accustomed to simple analytic tools, the ones that give us basic information. Today, we are rapidly moving into the era of predictive tools. Predictive means that today’s tools use diverse techniques from data mining, machine learning, modeling and statistics to drive the analysis of current and historical information, thereby making predictions. It’s currently too early to tell exactly how this trend will evolve in 2014, but one thing is certain: simple tools no longer excite. The world and its audience are looking for ways to use all of the diverse data at their fingertips, meaning predictive technologies will find new traction in 2014.

These three general trends for 2014 all focus on a simple concept: effectively understanding and reaching your audience wherever they will be found. We can expect 2014 to be the year of positive customer experience and exemplary customer service.

Being a Top Notch Online Marketing Firm

Being a Top Notch Online Marketing Firm

Being a Top Notch Online Marketing Firm !

 Being a top notch online marketing firm can be said to be a simple job and yet challenging. The arenas to ponder upon while deciding the reputation and fame of an online marketing firm are of that of your own research about the company over the web. Just Google and Google, turn down page 1 to 2 and next and next to know where is it listed, which portals support it. You can also use some free online web rank or SEO Tools to judge the credibility. This whole research is to the part of the customer.

Whereas, on the other hand, any Top & Best SEO Company or firm would try and make all attempts to keep its ranking safe and secure. Usual trend is to be in news, to pop up first whenever there’s a search made for a particular keyword or key-phrase related to online marketing.

However, having a name is not sufficient. It is also important that a good SEO Company must provide good service as well. Timely reports and improvements in rankings of your website. Continuous link building activity should also be carried out. Bigger the firm, bigger are the responsibilities from a business perspective.

What’s Penguin & how to deal with it ?

Penguin - Google AlgorithmWhat’s Penguin & how to deal with it ?

Oh ! So you’re here again hunting for the Penguin. But my friend, this penguin is not the bird but a Google anti-spam algorithm. If you’re a guy aware of search engine rankings stuff, you definitely are familiar with these techie terms.

Penguin is a smart algorithm that searches for websites that appear in top search results as a result of spamming techniques being used to rank on Google. Even though some webmasters have been spamming their websites rank on top and Penguin takes care of this. The recently launched Penguin 2.1 has hit many spamming sites and the same has been reported by many webmasters. It primarily looks for sites that have been buying paid links to rank better. If you too have been spamming, I’m sure you’re here to read this short story hunting for an answer as how to deal with it ?

How to deal with Penguin Hit Sites ?

Dealing with Penguin is not easy. It is also not possible to submit a re-inclusion request to Google. If you do that, it would all be in vain. It’s to the fact that Penguin is an automated spam algorithm and if it has hit you hard, you’re a spammer, so Google identifies you that way and of course it wouldn’t help the spammers activities.

The only way to deal with it is to remove all the data from your website that is spam, do not use buy paid links or illegal techniques and strategies to achieve better visibility on Google search engine. After the data has been removed, your sites will be back to their previous ranks, if you’ve really worked hard to be genuine. There’s no other way and I hope you’ll do the best possible to maintain rankings. Because you know it damn better as visibility on Google means what !

Thank you for reading, please leave your comments below if you’ve any questions ?

Best SEO,SEM,SMM Service & the impact on ROI

Best SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC Companies in Bangalore IndiaBest SEO,SEM,SMM Service & the impact on ROI

Have you ever thought as how much would Online Marketing strategies impact the rise in your ROI ? If not, then please be patient to read this article while I reveal the big magic.

Where it has been recently reported after a global survey that the e-commerce industry shall grow revenues of $76 billion by the year 2015. We are much much sure to see an exponential rise in businesses which have their online presence.

To start a business, it is quite easier with the help of a web developer to set up an online website to showcase your information or even sell products or services online.

It was never so easier to have a global coverage for your business until the internet came into existence. The following are the most used online marketing strategies:-

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a long term organic visibility campaign via the use of various techniques to bring a website among top 10 links. It is a more trusted search result.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing is a way of displaying your ads over the entire web including search engines as well as display networks. You also have the option to select devices where your ads are displayed, for example tablets, computers, mobile phones, etc.

SMM – Social Media Marketing has recently become very popular and has actually brought a major revolution in the internet marketing era. You can use some of the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to display your ads. As the number of users on social networks has been increasingly exponentially, you will find more traffic for your business and potential customers over social networks.

PPC – Pay Per Click Services are actually what they literally mean. Yes, it means that your Ads are displayed on various websites, blogs and forums, search engines, etc and you pay only for the number of clicks made by visitors. These visitors come to your site looking for the service you offer and hence may be your potential customers.

Impact on ROI

Now that you’ve understood the above mentioned major online marketing techniques, you would be wondering as what would be the returns on your investments. Of course, online marketing involves financial investments, sometimes as per your budget and sometimes beyond your pocket affordability. However, when we talk about online marketing, you always do have the choice to limit your budget to what you can actually afford.

While SEM, SMM & PPC are said to be temporary services or say Ad campaigns that fetch you leads only till the time you run the Ad and keep paying the Ad agencies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, etc. These 3 techniques usually give you ROI between the range of 200% to 800%.

SEO being a long term lead generation technique, keeps you visible on search engines for a longer time, giving you ROIs of about 40% to 5000% . This is one of the best and most trusted marketing strategies. SEO is cheaper too in comparison to SEM, SMM & PPC. But the point to be noted is that SEO should be a continuous process. To get higher ROI, you should choose a good SEO company who can help you with SEO executives with minimum 2-3 years of experience in search engine optimization.

You can help boost the impact of SEO with Press Releases. Visit to register for free and post unlimited content including texts, images, videos, etc.


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