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How SEO can turn a Business from Minor to Major in a Month

Many business organizations and individuals have been informed time and again that the best way to market your business and get more customers, which would reflect on their sales, is by using search engine optimization. The main reason behind all this is that it gives your business a good online presence.

What these people never understand is how effective it is and how it can immediately change the income and customer rate of their business, and in the long-run turning your business from a minor to a major. This article will help you see how that works out.

Google ranking

How SEO can turn a Business from Minor to Major in a Month - Webinova

SEO packages always ensures good ranking for your business website thus guaranteeing success to your business. There exists a direct relationship between your business website popularity and its ranking. It is therefore important that you implement correct SEO strategies in order to get your desired results. The strategies will help you increase the business website visibility thus exposing it to many potential customers. The result of this would be increased traffic to your website that will be followed with increased sales.


Attracting visitors or customers to your website is dependent on the phrases or words you use. Using words, phrases and industrial jargons limit the visitors to your site to those in the same field, who understand the terms and those close to your business. The first step in SEO campaign is keyword research. Good SEO consultant will enable you acquire phrases and words that your customers are searching for thus creating more target traffic which would result to more sales.

Acts as a sign board giving direction

Most internet users get lost in the confusion caused by maze of website. To be able to reach the right site or address, they require guidance and some help from tools like landmarks, direction from third parties, various pointers and maps. SEO works take the place of a signboard, carrying useful pointers to enable lost customers or clients reach their target destination, which for this case would be your website, resulting to increased chances of business or commercial success.

Making your webpage accessible

This is one of the biggest benefits. SEO ensures that your WebPages are accessible by search engines and your potential and loyal buyers. This it does in two major ways:

Building links- this enables search engines and buyers get to your site by simply clicking and following given links to your site. This links are not only meant to enable you get higher ranking but also enable you get much more qualified traffic towards your business site and therefore creating more commercial benefits.
No code mistakes- SEO ensures that there are no website code mistakes which, prevent your buyers and search engines from accessing all your web-pages.

Website usability

Good SEO ensures that your website design and look add enjoyment to its visitors. This results to easier accessibility by the customers and search engines hence boosting the traffic to the web-pages.

Website speed

Slow websites discourage and decrease user experience. Most search engines search as like Google, for ranking factors use site speed metrics. Site that load slowly decrease the enjoyment of users. A good SEO offer you strategies and suggestions that ensures your website loading speed increases, thus giving the users site enjoyment.

Improved ROI

Good SEO strategies enables you improve and track your website ROI. The SEO strategies will enable you set up Google analytics, A/B split testing, conversion optimization and webmaster tools. Figuring out the piece which Lead-Gen offer works greatly is a major part of SEO.

Proper website architecture

Building a website on good SEO site architecture enables search engines to gain access to your website. Good SEO also enables you block content considered not essential and boost neither user enjoyment nor your site ranking, such as admin and contact pages. It thus works together with your web developer and designer to ensure that your site is made using good SEO website architecture. This therefore, boosts your site ranking resulting to increased traffic to your site causing an increase in business transactions that would result to higher profits, business growth and increased market size.

Staying updated with latest trends

Developing websites that are search engines optimized exposes you to latest SEO techniques and tools that are present in the market. This enables your developer respond to changes as the search engines refine its search strategies. This keeps you up to date with latest developments and knowledgeable. The result of this is increasing your site speed thus competitiveness and customer traffic due to the enjoyment they get when they access your site.

SEO is the greatest service that can enable you promote your services and product globally thus turning your business from minor to major within a month.

If leads increased, what factor do you believe led to this increase ?

Conversion Optimization – Increasing Sales/Leads on Your web site

If leads increased what do you believe led to this increase - Webinova

One way to increase leads and sales is to increase traffic. However there is an additional, overlooked method–Conversion Optimization.

Increasing the number of sales on your site from 1% to 2% is equivalent to increasing traffic from 100,000 visitors to 200,000 visitors. Actually it is even better. In many cases, as you increase traffic you have diminishing returns.

In the graph below you can see how we increased the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) from 9.40% to 23.46% in just one year. Sales more than doubled.

Conversion-Rate-Optimization-Graph Webinova

Conversion Optimization

Conversions can be defined as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a data sheet, filling out a form or any other activity which is an important first step in making a sale. By optimizing all of these mini conversions we then have more people in the funnel for completing a sale.

Conversion rate optimization requires uncovering and describing the personas of the potential clients who visit the web. Once this is done, we will know what information the web site has to present. Let’s consider a B2B hi tech site. They might have to address these personas:

  • Assistant who first searches on the Internet for possible solutions
  • Project manager who has to reduce a short list to 2-3 options
  • Purchasing department employee
  • CEO if it is major purchase

Each of these, visitors, in turn may have different personality types which influence the way the web site engages them. If we consider 3 personality types for each position we have 12 personas. As you can see, the number of personas, can easily get out of hand.

Fortunately there are methods to reduce their number. For example, there may be emotional, rational and intuitive project managers. However, when choosing an expensi

ve company purchase, the rational part of their personality will dominate even though they have an emotional personality.

Personas and their implementation are important components of many of our Internet marketing success stories.

Removing Obstacles to Conversion

After the personas are established we must remove all obstacles to conversion. We do this by studying each persona and addressing their concerns. One typical concern of a product engineer is the fear of buying a product that won’t solve the problem. A link at the appropriate location on the web site to a demo or trial option will help continue the momentum.

An additional consideration is where the person is regarding the buying process. Someone who is searching for “Hotel in Romania” is at the beginning of the process. All features of the hotel need to be presented. However, if someone is searching for “Luxury Bucharest Hotel Centrally Located” then we n

eed to escort this person to a page which shows that our hotel fits the bill. Prominent Contact and Reservation Links are needed to complete the conversion.

Proof by Testing

After the site is optimized for conversions, testing begins to confirm that conversions increase. This is an ongoing process which results in an ever increasing conversion rate.

Landing Page Testing

Copywriting, layout and design are just some of the myriad factors affecting your website‘s conversion rate. Scientific testing combined with our years of experience in creating landing pages can increase sales dramatically.

In one recent test we compared an existing home page with another page that had the same layout. We changed the headline and the copy. After a few weeks we had our answer. The new heading and copy increased conversions by 15%. What was surprising was that the option which included the old heading with the new copy showed an improvement of 38%!

Best SEO Company USA UK and Africa

A B Ad testing of message

Ad testing is one of the fastest ways of testing your marketing messages. We typically set up many ad tests to run simultaneously for different ad groups. Ad messages are carefully chosen and special tags are added to each ad to enable efficient testing. After enough people have clicked on your ad to make it statistically significant we analyze the results based on conversions or proxy conversions. Proxy conversions are used when there are not enough conversions to be statistically valid.

Usability Studies

Sometimes it is not enough to know what people are doing on your site. Knowing why they are acting as they are can often help to increase conversions. That is when we do a usability study on the site. This involves filming users as they perform predetermined tasks on your site.

Google Rolls Out AdWords Dynamic Retargeting For Retailers, Piloting Travel, Education Sectors

google-cop-police-featuredIn another move to beef up its retargeting offerings–and take on retargeting platforms like Adroll, Retargeter and Mediaforge–Google is rolling out dynamic retargeting to all AdWords retail customers with Google Merchant Feeds. The company is also piloting dynamic retargeting in the travel and education sectors and plans to expand availability to more sectors later this year.

With dynamic retargeting ads are created on the fly with product images pulled from your Google Merchant feed. Google’s product recommendation engine determines which products and messages are shown based on an algorithmic prediction for what is likely to perform best based on visitors’ past actions on your site, including the products they viewed and their purchase history, as well as related products and top performing products.

For example, if a person is shopping for pots and pans, the product recommendation engine may populate the ad with the pot set they last viewed, other top selling pot sets, and kitchen utensils and small appliances.

There are multiple templates that you can customize to reflect the design elements of your brand. Layouts are optimized automatically for each ad impression.

In pilot tests, Google says that Sierra Trading Post, a U.S. retailer of outdoor gear and clothing, saw click through rate double and conversion rate increase by 5x. European “heavy metal online shop,” EMP Merchandising’s conversion rates rose by 230% and the cost of sale fell by 30%.

AdWords Dynamic Retargeting Template ModCloth

In the ModCloth template, the ad shows a recently viewed dress with price details along with other related products.

When setting up a dynamic retargeting campaign, in addition to the “All visitors” list, Google automatically creates four lists that reflect four groups of site visitors:

General visitors – People who visited your website but didn’t view specific product. The dynamic ad will include the most popular products from your site.Product viewers – People who viewed specific product pages on your site but did not add them to the shopping cart. The dynamic ad will show the products that your visitors viewed and mix in recommended products.

Shopping cart abandoners – People who added products to the shopping cart but didn’t complete the purchase. The dynamic ad will prioritize items added into the shopping cart, and will mix in a few other viewed products and recommended products.

Past buyers – People who purchased products from you in the past. The dynamic ad will show related products by looking at popular items and items commonly purchased together.

To get started, you’ll can edit your existing remarketing tag if you are using one already, or you’ll need to add the dynamic remarketing tag AdWords generates for your site across all your site pages along with several custom parameters.

When people visit your site, the remarketing tag adds them to one of the remarketing list and associates the product ID with the visit. AdWords then uses the product ID to pull the product image, name, and price from your Google Merchant Center account and include in the ad. You can add additional parameters to the tag to for more advanced bidding and optimization control.

Google’s Panda Dance: Matt Cutts Confirms Panda Rolls Out Monthly Over 10 Of 30 Days


At SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, announced that the Panda algorithm is still being updated roughly every month, but that update is rolled out slowly throughout the month. It is like a Google Dance, but in this case, a Panda Dance.

What happens is Google will run the update on a particular day, let’s say on the 4th of the month. Then Google will slowly push out that impact over 10 days or so throughout the month. Google will typically repeat this cycle over monthly.

Google said in March that they will stop announcing Panda update because they were more of a rolling update. By rolling update, Google means that it is pushed out monthly, but pushed out over a 10 day cycle or so.

Why are we calling it the Panda Dance? Back in the early early days of Google, SEOs were obsessed with the Google Dance. Back then, Google pushed out monthly Google updates, and SEO’s watched the Google data centers to see the rankings dance.

Which SEO Company to choose ?

Which SEO company to choose ? - Webinova Inc.

Webinova’s guidelines on choosing the best SEO company for your website.

Which SEO Company to choose ?

Google shows many companies on top and you’re confused, am I right ? Yes, then how to choose a Search Engine Optimization company that will understand your requirements properly, take note of your keywords, suggest you the right marketing strategy in other ways such as SEM, PPC, SMM or Online Reputation Management ( ORM ).

You can always choose a company :

  • with a great online presence
  • high volume of web traffic on the site
  • high ratings & customer reviews
  • a considerable number of likes on its facebook page
  • high user engagement on its social pages
  • day to day updation & fresh news publications
  • Contact the company’s customer & take a feedback
  • Ask for the work done in past and the current success rate
  • does the company keep itself updated with Google Algorithm updates ?

Having the above requirements met, you can hire the company for your website’s SEO.


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