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Free Google SEO toolsSome Times Google hates SEO but some times its really does.At the same time Google likes SEO as actions speak louder than words. Every one should use free 10 Google SEO tools.Google  provide 10 free SEO tools.Most of these SEO tools are good for keyword search and on page SEO.

webmaster toolGoogle Webmaster Tool: Webmaster Tool is mainly used for identify the broken links and other issues its same like Mechanic looking after you car damaged. Its find out the search queries even with click through statics and check your website speed and tells you why its too slow.As well as any links to your site share information and to improve your site visibility.

analytics toolGoogle Analytics: In case if you don’t know Google Analytics try to know about GA .Its due to excessive distrust of others of being controlled by Google can able to access your visitor behaviour.In this you have to decide yourself whats’s more important ,its very useful analytic tool.

Google Website Optimizer:By using Google Webmaster optimizer tool we can test different versions of your pages.This way we can determine converting ones.Its called A/B split testing or multivariate testing .All are ranges closes to SEO circles.

Google Zeitgeist:Its not exactly a tool but we can use it as keyword search.Google Zeitgeist is good starting point on your SEO purpose because its shows most popular queries.Take the Zeitgeist popular keywords and then test some keyphrases containing them with other tools that will follow in this list.

Google Trends:lets discuss about the google trends will compare traffic for popular search items and websites .According to this we can determone weather a topic is rising in popularity or not.In your Keyword search you can jump on competitors.

Google Insights for search:Its like google trends on can see more keyword here ,even that are’nt popular at all.Compare upto five keywords and their ensuing traffic .

Google Trafic Estimater:This is a classic tool.It says “Adwords” but you can use it to findout the probably number visitors a keyword can bring to your site.

Google Keyword tool:This keyword tool is like the Traffic Estimator but from a different angle.Some people will check this.If you want to check this make sure you are on the right track with your keywords.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool:Thiis is very clear tool allows you to find oout the related keyword to a site or existing keyword or both.Its connected to google insights for search is a useful way.

Google ad planner: Its uses to screen popular sites or your competitors for keyword intelligence or both.

site map toolGoogle Site Map: Its tell to Google about the pages on your site creating and submitting the site map make sure that Google about all pages on your site.

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