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Don’t Believe SEO Companies !

Google recommended Seo CompanyDon’t Believe SEO Companies !

┬áIf you’re into some kind of business, you might be looking for Online Marketing, Digital Marketing or Search Engine Experts. The companies that promote your website online to generate high ROI from your online business are termed as “Online Marketing Companies” or Search Engine Optimization Specialists”.

You might have come across many companies who state to be “World’s #1 SEO Company” or may be as the “Best SEO Company in the World”. Before you hire an SEO Company, it is your prime duty to check whether the company is genuine or fake. You can do this by typing the keywords on Google to check out if they really rank among the best or as one of the top 10 on search engines. Do they rank at least in top 30 on Google as an SEO company ? Have a check for that too.

There are many fake SEO companies coming up who promote themselves to be the best SEO company but they are found nowhere when we hunt on Google. They pay to PR websites and news releases to be advertised as top search engine optimization companies, but actually they do not.

Why an SEO Company needs to rank on Google 1st page itself first ?

Every SEO company that claims to be the best SEO service provider or guaranteed ranker on Google should have their own websites ranking among top 30 at the least. If the company itself appears so , they are genuine SEO vendors, or else they are fake. Also, there are local, national or global websites, discussion forums or news channel websites, press release websites who promote certain companies as best SEO service provider in the world. Is it possible to believe them ? Do these PR websites or news channels certify or guarantee that the company they promote worldwide as the best are genuine ? It’s a question to be asked by every company or individual that looks to hire a SEO professional company.

A company that ranks itself is sure to have enough experience and know how of search engines. They know what’s Panda & Penguin and what’s called White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO.

The point of discussion here is to help you in fetching a genuine SEO service provider, who gives value to your money and generates you high ROI and ultimately helps you boost your business online via real presence in organic search results.

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