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How to retrieve your website and improve your keyword search result?

 The entire SEO analyst those who are managing websites would like to escape from Google Penguin and Panda update but it is not at all possible. Even though Google has been adding strength to their algorithm and updating frequently, negative SEO is not decreased.

improve your keyword search result

Google Penguin 2.0 Update:
Google Penguin 2.0 Update focus on the web sites that follows link farming methods and poor inter/cross linking strategy. The websites that are getting irrelevant Backlinks is the main target in this update. Matt Cutt announced that 2.3% of English-US queries were affected in this update, not only English queries but other languages also. Hundreds and thousands of web sites were affected in this update.
How to retrieve your website?
Now all of the SEO peoples wondering to know the ways to retrieve their web site. I can easily say the ways but the process is really hard. These are some steps that you have to follow.
Step 1: Check all your incoming Links. Search in google as link:http://www.yourwebsite.com or Go to Webmaster tool click Traffic and select Links to your site. Here you can find all your inbound links. Analyze all the links and Disavow the links which are not related to your website’s theme.
Step2: Check all your outbound links and remove all low quality links. Go to your website and analyze each and every page for irrelevant and bad links. Check your footer, Side bar also.
Step3: Generate Quality Links from High PR sites. Because Google now concentrates mainly on number of quality Backlinks and not on quantity of Backlinks i.e. 1000 Back Links from irrelevant site is not at all good for your site but getting single backlink from relevant high pr site is good. Try to get backlinks from .gov site and .edu or .org site. Submit your sites in directories like DMOZ and Yahoo Directories which are the top most directories in the world. All try to submit your websites on Boing Boing and Huffington Post etc.
By doing all those things you can retrieve your website in the next Penguin update. Please don’t try to use reconsideration Request. Because google didn’t manually penalize your site but it is an algorithm Updation so wait until next Updation comes.   

What’s Penguin & how to deal with it ?

Penguin - Google AlgorithmWhat’s Penguin & how to deal with it ?

Oh ! So you’re here again hunting for the Penguin. But my friend, this penguin is not the bird but a Google anti-spam algorithm. If you’re a guy aware of search engine rankings stuff, you definitely are familiar with these techie terms.

Penguin is a smart algorithm that searches for websites that appear in top search results as a result of spamming techniques being used to rank on Google. Even though some webmasters have been spamming their websites rank on top and Penguin takes care of this. The recently launched Penguin 2.1 has hit many spamming sites and the same has been reported by many webmasters. It primarily looks for sites that have been buying paid links to rank better. If you too have been spamming, I’m sure you’re here to read this short story hunting for an answer as how to deal with it ?

How to deal with Penguin Hit Sites ?

Dealing with Penguin is not easy. It is also not possible to submit a re-inclusion request to Google. If you do that, it would all be in vain. It’s to the fact that Penguin is an automated spam algorithm and if it has hit you hard, you’re a spammer, so Google identifies you that way and of course it wouldn’t help the spammers activities.

The only way to deal with it is to remove all the data from your website that is spam, do not use buy paid links or illegal techniques and strategies to achieve better visibility on Google search engine. After the data has been removed, your sites will be back to their previous ranks, if you’ve really worked hard to be genuine. There’s no other way and I hope you’ll do the best possible to maintain rankings. Because you know it damn better as visibility on Google means what !

Thank you for reading, please leave your comments below if you’ve any questions ?

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