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How SEO can turn a Business from Minor to Major in a Month

Many business organizations and individuals have been informed time and again that the best way to market your business and get more customers, which would reflect on their sales, is by using search engine optimization. The main reason behind all this is that it gives your business a good online presence.

What these people never understand is how effective it is and how it can immediately change the income and customer rate of their business, and in the long-run turning your business from a minor to a major. This article will help you see how that works out.

Google ranking

How SEO can turn a Business from Minor to Major in a Month - Webinova

SEO packages always ensures good ranking for your business website thus guaranteeing success to your business. There exists a direct relationship between your business website popularity and its ranking. It is therefore important that you implement correct SEO strategies in order to get your desired results. The strategies will help you increase the business website visibility thus exposing it to many potential customers. The result of this would be increased traffic to your website that will be followed with increased sales.


Attracting visitors or customers to your website is dependent on the phrases or words you use. Using words, phrases and industrial jargons limit the visitors to your site to those in the same field, who understand the terms and those close to your business. The first step in SEO campaign is keyword research. Good SEO consultant will enable you acquire phrases and words that your customers are searching for thus creating more target traffic which would result to more sales.

Acts as a sign board giving direction

Most internet users get lost in the confusion caused by maze of website. To be able to reach the right site or address, they require guidance and some help from tools like landmarks, direction from third parties, various pointers and maps. SEO works take the place of a signboard, carrying useful pointers to enable lost customers or clients reach their target destination, which for this case would be your website, resulting to increased chances of business or commercial success.

Making your webpage accessible

This is one of the biggest benefits. SEO ensures that your WebPages are accessible by search engines and your potential and loyal buyers. This it does in two major ways:

Building links- this enables search engines and buyers get to your site by simply clicking and following given links to your site. This links are not only meant to enable you get higher ranking but also enable you get much more qualified traffic towards your business site and therefore creating more commercial benefits.
No code mistakes- SEO ensures that there are no website code mistakes which, prevent your buyers and search engines from accessing all your web-pages.

Website usability

Good SEO ensures that your website design and look add enjoyment to its visitors. This results to easier accessibility by the customers and search engines hence boosting the traffic to the web-pages.

Website speed

Slow websites discourage and decrease user experience. Most search engines search as like Google, for ranking factors use site speed metrics. Site that load slowly decrease the enjoyment of users. A good SEO offer you strategies and suggestions that ensures your website loading speed increases, thus giving the users site enjoyment.

Improved ROI

Good SEO strategies enables you improve and track your website ROI. The SEO strategies will enable you set up Google analytics, A/B split testing, conversion optimization and webmaster tools. Figuring out the piece which Lead-Gen offer works greatly is a major part of SEO.

Proper website architecture

Building a website on good SEO site architecture enables search engines to gain access to your website. Good SEO also enables you block content considered not essential and boost neither user enjoyment nor your site ranking, such as admin and contact pages. It thus works together with your web developer and designer to ensure that your site is made using good SEO website architecture. This therefore, boosts your site ranking resulting to increased traffic to your site causing an increase in business transactions that would result to higher profits, business growth and increased market size.

Staying updated with latest trends

Developing websites that are search engines optimized exposes you to latest SEO techniques and tools that are present in the market. This enables your developer respond to changes as the search engines refine its search strategies. This keeps you up to date with latest developments and knowledgeable. The result of this is increasing your site speed thus competitiveness and customer traffic due to the enjoyment they get when they access your site.

SEO is the greatest service that can enable you promote your services and product globally thus turning your business from minor to major within a month.

5 Mobile SEO Tips from the Google AdWords Team

Mobile SEO

Earlier this month, Google unveiled the biggest changes to the AdWords platform in the last five years in a bold move to make AdWords work in the mobile world we live in today.

I recently had a chance to interview the Head of Global Mobile Search Ads at Google about where Google is headed in terms of their mobile search strategy, and why. While we didn’t talk specifically about SEO, many of the mobile search concepts are applicable to both paid and organic mobile search.

In my article today, I’d like to summarize for you five key mobile SEO trends to look out for, based on all of the exciting changes that are happening in the world of paid mobile search.

1. Local Organic Search is More Valuable than You Think.

One of the main drivers behind the recent redesign of AdWords was that it was getting pretty hard to measure the ROI of mobile search. For example, someone might:

  • View or click on an ad, then later walk into a store and make an offline purchase.
  • Call a business straight from the SERP, rather than converting on a “thank-you” page, or even visiting your site in the first place.
  • Start a purchase transaction on one device and complete it on another.

These same challenges exist in the SEO world, too. If you’re doing mobile SEO, you can’t track all the benefits you’re getting.

To tackle the issue, AdWords has introduced some new tools specifically designed to help track the ROI of mobile search, such as Offer Ad Extensions for connecting search marketing efforts with in-store purchases, detailed call reporting allowing advertisers to find out who called, and a new phone call conversion format.

So, while it’s possible to segment organic mobile traffic in Google Analytics, you can’t yet track phone calls from organic search, and so on. Since it’s safe to say your organic search efforts are contributing in ways that aren’t easily measurable, don’t be deterred from pursuing a mobile SEO strategy by potentially lousy mobile stats in your Google Analytics account – because it’s definitely under-counting by a lot!

2. Mobile Search Is Really, Really Way More Valuable Than You Think!

When it comes to quantifying the value of mobile search, it’s not just a matter of trying to track the aforementioned difficult-to-measure conversions. Google’s Surojit Chatterjee told me that mobile searches convert to actions faster – “The time between search and action is much shorter on mobile vs. desktop.” I’d expect this to be also true of organic mobile clicks, too.

This is such an important finding that I think SEOs should be rethinking their internal process for prioritizing what keywords to target. For example, I’m sure you already take into consideration factors such as keyword competition or difficulty, monthly estimated search volume, KEI, etc. Given the stronger intent behind mobile searches, I’d strongly suggest adding estimated monthly mobile search volume (accessible via the Google Keyword Tool) to your list – because mobile searches are often worth a lot more than desktop searches!

Click to Call in Mobile SEO

Furthermore, it’s worth pointing out that mobile-optimized ad formats do way better than regular ad listings – ads that employ a click-to-call ad extension and/or location extension enjoy an average 6-8% uplift in click-through-rate. I’d expect this to be the same for mobile optimized organic listings, and thus this just underscores how critical it is to have your site show up properly in the organic search listings, in the map, and with one-click call and direction links.

3. Stop Building Mobile Sites!

The latest word from Google is that responsive design is better than building a mobile-specific site.

Google thinks things are moving in a direction where devices are getting better, and site owners should respond by making sure they have one site that works on all kinds of devices (using CSS that can “read” what kind of device is calling up the site), rather than creating two different sites, one for mobile and one for desktop. In fact, Google CEO Larry Page essentially said that mobile-specific sites look dinky and confusing on his Android phone, because it’s sophisticated enough to load the regular site and create a very satisfying experience. So in a couple of years when everyone has even more sophisticated phones, companies that are still using mobile sites will be shooting themselves in the foot.

Example Mobile Site

This is a huge win for SEOs because seriously, the thought of maintaining accurate, consistent content between different mobile and desktop websites is a nightmare.

4. If You Must Have a Mobile Site, Don’t Dumb it Down

Some businesses have made the mistake of oversimplifying their mobile sites – what Chatterjee called “dumbing them down”:

I talked to a big business in the travel industry, and they built a mobile site that didn’t work as well as their desktop site, and the problem was that they had dumbed down the site. You can’t expect a site that has no information to do as well as one that has lots of information. It’s more about laying out the information differently, with the understanding that people don’t have a precise mouse pointer at their fingertips. Make the website touch-friendly, and figure out what information is more relevant to the mobile visitor. Like phone numbers and directions – make that information available so they can act quickly. It doesn’t mean remove the other useful information; it may be more about positioning content.

The key takeaway here is, don’t strip your mobile site of information; just organize differently. Bridget Randolph recently shared some good tips for optimizing a mobile site if responsive design is not an option.

5. User Context is the Key

My last mobile search trend has to do with a new concept of user context in search, which refers to the time, location and device from where a search was executed. According to Google, user context is the single biggest predictor of what users will search for, and what actions people will take after having conducted that search.

As an example of just how powerful user context is, consider that Google Now – the new App that provides you with all the information you need before you search for it – leverages your user context data (time and location) to determine exactly what it is you’re looking for before you search for it.

So now in AdWords, rather than creating specific ad campaigns to target different types of devices and hardware, search engine marketers are being asked to just create a single campaign and adjust the ad copy and bidding strategy based on user context.

For example, my own company, WordStream, is a B2B software company that uses paid search from AdWords in our marketing mix. We sell primarily to English speaking markets (like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.), and we sell via an inside sales team that is open from 8AM to 6PM EST. In the old system, I used to have to create different ad campaigns for each location and device – which was a real hassle. In the new system, I create a single campaign, and adjust the bids and ad copy based on time, location and device.

This means I’m now able to bid differentially across different English speaking markets according to the conversion rates for each location. We’ve got mobile ads with click-to-call extensions running while the call center is open, which then revert to the website contact-us form when the office is closed. Because most of our customers are businesses, we’re bidding down on nights and weekends. And we’re doing all of this from one campaign. The key here is that the mobile strategy we’re now employing has more to do about targeting the different user contexts from which people are most likely to buy my software products.

So what does the trend of user context mean for SEO? It’s hard to say at this time, because (unfortunately) there aren’t a heck of a lot of strategies for targeting different user contexts in organic search (yet).

However, it seems that:

  • This is a yet another way that SEO and PPC can complement each other. Using PPC, you can now more easily than ever figure out how people are reaching you and from where and when – use that data inform your overall marketing efforts.
  • At a minimum, search marketers should consider employing a paid search strategy that targets the most profitable and important user contexts. This is especially true for local businesses, since we know that 1 in 3 mobile searches has local intent and as much as 74% of local searches come from mobile devices.

In the last month, mobile search best practices have been turned completely upside-down. Can big changes in mobile SEO be that far away?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO Services Expert

SEO experts India

Why hire an experienced Search Engine Expert ?

 SEO experts India, SEO companies bangaloreSeeds never grew into trees in a day,kids never become men in a while and someone never turns out to be a billionaire overnight. While all that I speak here in this article applies and refers to Search Engine Optimizers or SEO Experts. My talk should be a more relevant study on SEO services for people who are looking out there on Google, searching for an SEO Expert as his / her company needs one urgently.

There are many techies around the globe, specially undergraduates who are more keen into developing SEO skills and learning them the best way. Freelancers work for self at a very less charge for SEO and they are usually a competition for big MNCs who charge much higher. But what matters to the customer hunting for an a Search Engine expert is “EXPERIENCE”.

Yes,SEO learnt in a day is dangerous and if your site has been handed over to a beginner, then your website gives him an opportunity to experiment what he has learnt till date & that could get your website blacklisted by Google & you never have it reputed again once blacklisted.

So,please be advised kindly to look for an experienced team of professionals, Webinova is one of the best in date for SEO services with affordable prices worldwide. Try us once and see the difference in rankings in short time.

Microsoft Shows Off Coming Improvements To Bing App’s Voice Search

Microsoft Shows Off Coming Improvements To Bing App’s Voice Search.

Local SEO Aided Sales Surge for Small Business

Increase visibility to your business & its location to reap quality clients


Local SEO Aided Sales Surge for Small Business – Every business follows its own way of marketing methods/tactics/techniques to attract clients or customers towards their business. This may vary in terms of the capital they invest over marketing their goods or services depending on the size of the business each may fall under; it may be small, medium, large or huge.

You may be a lawyer, florist, mason, plumber, physician, surgeon, dentist, hotel owner, restaurant owner, carpenter, real estate dealer or any other business which needs local customers. Local Business Marketing predominantly needs Local SEO done to their business. This is always possible even when you lack a website. But I am never an encourager of the – “No website necessary for your business” concept. Check out my Infographics for Local SEO and register your worthy comments below.


Local SEO Infographics

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