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A Business Online & Internet Marketing

Relationship Between your Online Business & Internet Marketingworld's best internet marketing company - SEO company


Hi there! In this article I would like to discuss the real relationship between a business and the internet marketing approach towards its growth. Today, as more of the earthlings are shifting their inquiries to the web and the internet is being exploited the best way. After USA & China, India is now the third largest country with the highest population of internet users.

When internet started or say went public in 1995, the businesses were some physical shops or factories were products were manufactured and sold, sending salesmen door to door. Well, the time never stops and it does never stay the same too. In this Internet era, shops are online, all products and services are found online. Even you can order your best food, provisions to be delivered to your door step. The notion here is to highlight the importance of websites, which may be called collection of a few web pages in technical terms, but these are actually virtual shops over the web. The best thing about these shops or businesses are that they are open to a global market and not just to a particular city or state.

And the next question is : how does a website and primarily your business go GLOBAL ? Does having designed an appealing website give you a global presence. Here comes the virus called “Internet Marketing”. When you need a global presence, you need online advertisement or web marketing. Some people call it digital marketing too, which is basically a marketing done via electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, smartphones, digital billboards, game consoles, etc .

All of these medias help boost your business and fetch high ROI, usually between the range of 40% to 5000%. The internet marketing service has changed the face of the economy of many developing and under-developed countries. It is sure to bring about many drastic growths to be seen in very near future. Webinova welcomes you for all web related solutions, be it domain registration, web hosting, Search engine optimization, pay per click services or marketing over the social media, we have a well trained team to server you the best world class service we can offer.

Local SEO Aided Sales Surge for Small Business

Increase visibility to your business & its location to reap quality clients


Local SEO Aided Sales Surge for Small Business – Every business follows its own way of marketing methods/tactics/techniques to attract clients or customers towards their business. This may vary in terms of the capital they invest over marketing their goods or services depending on the size of the business each may fall under; it may be small, medium, large or huge.

You may be a lawyer, florist, mason, plumber, physician, surgeon, dentist, hotel owner, restaurant owner, carpenter, real estate dealer or any other business which needs local customers. Local Business Marketing predominantly needs Local SEO done to their business. This is always possible even when you lack a website. But I am never an encourager of the – “No website necessary for your business” concept. Check out my Infographics for Local SEO and register your worthy comments below.


Local SEO Infographics

Enhanced campaigns: Making it easier for customers to reach you with upgraded call extensions and sitelinks

People are constantly connected and searching from all kinds of devices. Advertisers are looking for ways to quickly provide customers with the right information, in formats that make sense for where they are, the time of day, and the device they’re using. As part of AdWords enhanced campaigns, we upgraded call extensions and sitelinks with several new features to help you reach customers in more relevant ways across these varying contexts.

In this post and a Learn with Google Webinar this Thursday, February 28th, at 10am PST (sign-up here), we’ll provide a closer look at these new features, and give you practical examples for how to use them to drive better business results.

Improved extensions for the multi-device world
In our world of constant connectivity, people expect to have the information they’re looking for right at their fingertips. Sitelinks provide your customers with links to any part of your website, directly within the ad. On average, ads with sitelinks have a 30% higher click-through rate compared to standalone ads. With enhanced campaigns, you can now customize sitelinks at the ad group level, in addition to the campaign level. You can also customize sitelinks specifically for mobile devices:

People are often looking for ways to connect with you directly on the phone. In fact, there are more than 27 million calls per month through our ads call products on mobile and desktop. In addition to calling you directly from a smartphone, people may wish to find your business’ phone number when searching from devices without call functionality like computers and tablets. With enhanced campaigns, you can now show your business phone number or a Google forwarding number in call extensions on computers and tablets. Additionally, Google forwarding numbers are now free on all devices. Learn more

Precise extension scheduling for more granular control
Many advertisers customize their ad content to align with their business hours or special events like sales and promotions. With enhanced campaigns, you can now schedule the specific dates, days of the week, or times of day for your call extensions and sitelinks, at either the ad group or campaign levels. So instead of having to manually turn ads on or off to run specific extensions, you can now schedule them ahead of time.

Example: A multi-national sporting goods business has a website and physical stores in 5 major cities. With enhanced campaigns, Mary, their online marketing manager, can align her AdWords schedule with the operations of the business. Mary runs call extensions between 10am and 6pm when her stores are staffed. After 6pm, she schedules ads to point to the website instead of the call extension. For weekend sales and promotions, she can schedule sitelinks pointing customers directly to her “Sale” page. Scheduling enables sitelinks to appear exactly at the times that Mary sets (e.g., 12 midnight on Saturday) instead of having to manually turn them on at that time.

Advanced reporting for sitelinks and new conversion types
Many advertisers drive leads or conduct business over the phone, so they value phone calls as much as, or more than, clicks to their website. To give you greater visibility into the full value of your ad spend, AdWords reports now count phone calls as conversions, making it easier to compare calls alongside more traditional conversion types like online sales. For example, you can now specify that calls longer than 60 seconds count as conversions.

We’ve also made reporting for individual sitelinks more precise and actionable. You can now manage and track sitelinks individually to ensure that each one drives the right ROI. You can also take advantage of per-link approvals so if one link is disapproved, your other links can still run.

Continuing the above example: Mary uses the new detailed per-link reports to manage individual sitelinks. Below, you can see that the “Swimming” sitelink only got 16 clicks, while the other sitelinks for the sporting goods store got 100+ clicks each. With this precise data, Mary made the informed decision to replace the “Swimming” sitelink with another one, like “Soccer.”

Mary further segments her data with the “This Extension vs. Other” feature. Here, you can see that two clicks occurred specifically on the “Running” sitelink while 137 clicks occurred on the other parts of the sitelink, like the headline.

We really value your feedback to help us make AdWords even better. In fact, many of the new features that we described today are a result of your ideas and suggestions. Please continue to share your thoughts using this form so we can continue to improve the product.

Microsoft Advertising Launches New Developer Website

Hey Folks,

Good news!

Microsoft Advertising has just launched a new website, adsinapps.microsoft.com, to help developers monetize their Windows 8 app with advertising.  This new resource creates a useful hub, helping developers get started with Ads in Apps in four easy steps:

  1. Get the Microsoft Advertising SDK.  Download the latest SDK and access links to MSDN documentation.  See which anchor ad sizes best fit your app and watch demos of our ad experiences.
  2. Use pubCenter.  Microsoft pubCenter is the control panel for your app’s monetization.  Get a quick tutorial, from sign up to app optimization.
  3. Submit your app to the Windows Store.  Get tips & tricks to get your app live in Windows Store serving ads.
  4. Build your business.  Access a growing library of resources to optimize your app and build your business.  These resources include Forums, FAQs, blogs, webinars, and a summary of What’s New.


Our goal is to create a resource that helps developers at every stage – from onboarding to optimization.  We hope that you find this new resource to be helpful!

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