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3 Best Ways of Online Marketing for Start-ups

start-up-business3 Best Ways of Online Marketing for Start-ups

If you started a very new business of your own and became an Entrepreneur recently, it is obvious that you might be working out on plans setting up your business. This article takes you through the 3 Best Ways Of Marketing for the products or services you offer !

Firstly, you’ll need to register a domain name, for example www.mycompanyname.com. Get the website ready with rich and original content that reflects your business. Be sure that you do not copy content from others’ website or blog.

Secondly, you must have your business cards ready with your contact details and your preferred mobile number for calls. Next thing is to get some brochures or leaflets ready by a graphic designer. Give him the idea that you need the best reflection of your products and services and the design be a unique one. Each time you happen to visit a potential customer, you should greet him /her sharing your business card & if possible, the brochures too.

Now, it is time for me to highlight you the ways which can bring you the most highest profit. The Marketing Strategy I am talking about now is called “Online Marketing / Web Marketing Or Internet Marketing”. It is a tiresome job to have a handful of salesmen who visit door to door and deliver your brochures & educate the people about your business. It will cost you more & the conversion rate is too low. The reason is that when you visit a customer’s door, he gets the idea that you need business from him and he doesn’t care much about it. probably, he doesn’t need it right now or he would love to purchase the same from a brand store.

If you remember, in the first step you got your website ready ! Yes, so now the best idea would be to promote your website via Online Marketing. Online Marketing often gives better Return On Investments . This is to the fact that most of the educated people or people who just know how to use the internet, search for their stuff online, preferably on www.google.com. So, all the traffic is online and marketing door to door might not benefit you much, even the expenses are more. Who searches online is the one who is interested in buying the product or service. This group of people who search online are your target customers on whom you need to pay focus to boost your business growth.

Now it’s time to get through the 3 Best ways of Online Marketing:-

  • Search Engine Marketing : This method for marketing is to generate quick leads and get quick sales. You can display Ads of your product or service and get clicks to your website, where they get a knowledge of what you sell. Also, known as Pay Per Click service, this might cost you more often. This method of online marketing is used to get visitors to the site and generate good traffic as well. The disadvantage of SEM is that it is temporary. Once you stop paying for Ads, you suffer leads.
  • Search Engine Optimization: This brings your website on first page of Google search with a listing under top 10. Your ranking via the SEO method is natural and not through the use of Ads. It is a long term business promising marketing strategy and is preferred by over 80% users over SEM. SEO gives you an ROI of 40% to 4000% and above and hence is well accepted.
  • Social Media Marketing: It is quite a method similar to Search Engine Marketing, the only different being that your Ads are displayed on Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. By advertising on the social media you get access to millions of users.

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A Business Online & Internet Marketing

Relationship Between your Online Business & Internet Marketingworld's best internet marketing company - SEO company


Hi there! In this article I would like to discuss the real relationship between a business and the internet marketing approach towards its growth. Today, as more of the earthlings are shifting their inquiries to the web and the internet is being exploited the best way. After USA & China, India is now the third largest country with the highest population of internet users.

When internet started or say went public in 1995, the businesses were some physical shops or factories were products were manufactured and sold, sending salesmen door to door. Well, the time never stops and it does never stay the same too. In this Internet era, shops are online, all products and services are found online. Even you can order your best food, provisions to be delivered to your door step. The notion here is to highlight the importance of websites, which may be called collection of a few web pages in technical terms, but these are actually virtual shops over the web. The best thing about these shops or businesses are that they are open to a global market and not just to a particular city or state.

And the next question is : how does a website and primarily your business go GLOBAL ? Does having designed an appealing website give you a global presence. Here comes the virus called “Internet Marketing”. When you need a global presence, you need online advertisement or web marketing. Some people call it digital marketing too, which is basically a marketing done via electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, smartphones, digital billboards, game consoles, etc .

All of these medias help boost your business and fetch high ROI, usually between the range of 40% to 5000%. The internet marketing service has changed the face of the economy of many developing and under-developed countries. It is sure to bring about many drastic growths to be seen in very near future. Webinova welcomes you for all web related solutions, be it domain registration, web hosting, Search engine optimization, pay per click services or marketing over the social media, we have a well trained team to server you the best world class service we can offer.

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