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How search works on Google – Matt Cutts explains

World Internet Users Stats- Internet to Grow Larger in Year 2013

With 2.4B global Internet users in 2012, KPCB (Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers) expects the growth to increase a t the rate of 8% (Year on Year Growth Rate), driven by emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia and Philippines.

What Stats Says About Internet

internet users in world 2012 2013

Internet Usage Statistics 2012 2013

Search Engine Optimization – SEO Services Expert

SEO experts India

Why hire an experienced Search Engine Expert ?

 SEO experts India, SEO companies bangaloreSeeds never grew into trees in a day,kids never become men in a while and someone never turns out to be a billionaire overnight. While all that I speak here in this article applies and refers to Search Engine Optimizers or SEO Experts. My talk should be a more relevant study on SEO services for people who are looking out there on Google, searching for an SEO Expert as his / her company needs one urgently.

There are many techies around the globe, specially undergraduates who are more keen into developing SEO skills and learning them the best way. Freelancers work for self at a very less charge for SEO and they are usually a competition for big MNCs who charge much higher. But what matters to the customer hunting for an a Search Engine expert is “EXPERIENCE”.

Yes,SEO learnt in a day is dangerous and if your site has been handed over to a beginner, then your website gives him an opportunity to experiment what he has learnt till date & that could get your website blacklisted by Google & you never have it reputed again once blacklisted.

So,please be advised kindly to look for an experienced team of professionals, Webinova is one of the best in date for SEO services with affordable prices worldwide. Try us once and see the difference in rankings in short time.

Challenges of ranking a company in organic results on Google’s first page

How to gTop ranking - everybody wants it !et ranked on Google’s first page in organic results ?

SEO has always been somewhat tricky, rather than just being a philosophy of “Follow these rules and you get on the top”. With over 4 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization our team has been struggling many a times to satisfy our customers with their rankings on top.

Take it as a rule, that all SEO companies worldwide can guarantee to rank your website on first page of Google, but no one can guarantee consistent ranks.

Why No Guarantee ?

Rankings of your website are based on many factors, many of the known ones among them are:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Quality of Content-Writing done
  • Number of backlinks to your site
  • Age of the website
  • Googlebot’s accessibility to your robots.txt file etc, etc.

Most importantly why no one can guarantee Google rankings is to the mere fact that Google Quality Team changes Google search algorithms between 500-600 times a year. When a Search Engine Optimizer takes the oath to rank your website on Google’s first page, he is true in his sayings, most of them can,but the major part of this whole ranking process is SURVIVAL THROUGH THE CHANGES IN GOOGLE’S ALGORITHMS throughout the year. Neither they nor I am aware about when Google may make a change and to which algorithm Panda, Penguin and bla bla. Although, the changes do not effect more than 4-5% of the search results, but remember, there are trillions of websites on the internet and thousands of trillions of web pages which Googlebot crawls and shows you the results in less than a fraction of a second.

Google’s prime focus is on the content, be advised to keep your content original, copy cats may be punished, not financially, but in rankings. So, be creative and passionate about creating your website with relevant keywords and the use of H1-H6 tags, snippet or description section, links, cure missing “alt” tags in images. Do not simply spend lot of money paying to fraud websites online to rank you on top, instead meet a SE Optimizer, consult him / her personally and leave the rest to him, you can hire one of us even & that would be a great pleasure.

Showing up a website isn’t something very difficult or impossible but it ofcourse invites your patience, time and deep research, a well go-through into the concepts of search engine optimization and be careful if you’re not upto date with the latest changes in algorithms or else your website may soon be blacklisted and you’ll be never found on Google again! Well, that was something shocking. Isn’t it ?

See you in the next article..

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