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Top Media Companies & their influence on e-business

top social media companies IndiaTop Media Companies & their influence on e-business

Well, I have been into the internet industry since last 6 years professionally. Before that, i was just an internet user who new how to open an email account and send mails to friends. Or probably a person who would open accounts on social networks and chat with friends.

With my research on the social media a learned a lot many tips to grow my social presence & visibility on search engines, which happens consequently due to the rich presence on social media. Let me take you on a tour over the social media.

Make your empire on Social Networks

It might be to your surprise that the benefits from social media remain untapped till date. The prime reason being that even in the year 2014, the volume of internet users is less than even half the population of the globe. It has been recently reported that 50% of the earth’s population will be in the class of internet users by the end of the year 2015.

Now ! To tap the benefits of the social media, you first need to be a good internet user (one who logs in frequently to his social accounts). Create accounts on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Scoop.it, Pinterest, etc. While being friendly & humble, connect with your friends & then link with friends of your friends. Click a like on the posts shared by your friends or connections. Try your best to be in close touch with people & do engage them in your posts or activities. Analyze the mindset of your friends. Take some time & do a research on what kind of posts, articles your friends are getting engaged into. In other words, you need to know as what interests them. Have as many friends you can make on, but remember not to be a spammer & all should be done in an ethical manner. If your posts, activities or connection requests are reported by several individuals, your account may also get blocked. The idea here is to have your empire, a huge empire on such social networks !

Social Media Engagement – now an alternate SEO

Social-Media-Engagement Webinova

Social-Media-Engagement Webinova

Social Media Engagement

There were times when folks talked about ‘Black Hat’ and ‘White-Hat’ & many other so called SEO techniques. Since Google banned the use of such traditional SEO techniques, we walked through the guidelines of Google to innovate our organic results to rank on Google’s first page.

It should not astonish you if I say that now search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing will be driven by the social media. Yes! you’re right. It’s to the very clear reason that social networks have grown more popular. Even if you aren’t a guy who Googles some stuff of interest, still you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,etc. That means, more people are out there on social networks than who directly on Google. A friend asks another friend to create an account on social networks or even he/she creates one for her / him so that they can connect, like, share and post stuff. The social networks have grown more by word of mouth than online marketing or advertisement. Also, the credit for this growth goes to these social networks itself as they all provide fascinating features. A world class appealing user experience.

Now all this story is for what ? Well, I should make our talk relevant to “Social Media Engagement as an alternative to Search Engine Optimization”.

The largest social networks today are:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn

To make your website show great rankings in Google organic results, first of all you must create an account on all of these social networks. The next thing to do is to create your Personal Profile. They also offer a Business Page. It is a great idea to share the posts from your own website on your business page  and posts from others websites on your personal profile. Sharing others’ stuff will drive in more user engagement and that’s gonna benefit you a lot. You can get a deeper reach in lesser time by doing so.

Now,to show up on Google organic search results, the social media can benefit you more importantly. With each post, integrate appropriate titles, keywords and description terms. Engage more users & visitors to your posts and pages. This is infact a great alternative to the SEO or Search Engine Optimization done for your website. Remember, the searches made on Google are all about correct, accurate and relevant information. If you are worthy of it, you are there on top & believe me, no one can stop you!

So now,Get..Set..& Go.. 🙂

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