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Yes! What you read is true. The social media has grown 5000% larger, more impact creating & greater in volume over the last few months. This kind of rise in social media and networking has not been seen in the last few years since internet originated in 1995 worldwide. On social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, Pinterest, Buffer, etc, the more you share others stuff, you bring more people into interaction and they share your stuff too. Keeping your content or shares reserved to a few clicks only will make your exposure to shrink. When you share and follow others, they too follow your topic and share your stuff onto their dashboards, they like, comment & repin your topics and posts. It’s a great idea to share others stuff, even if it’s your competitor after all. Keep sharing your posts to others profile & make it grow huge and reachable to every nook and corner of the web possible.

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