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Digital Marketing – As a business promotion strategy

Entrepreneurs have their own ways to make their business flourish. Out there, you find many methods of promoting a business, both B2B as well as B2C. But with the advent of internet and then the online marketing mediums, business owners have now realized the importance of having an online presence of their business.

The experts team at Webinova – which is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies globally, has formulated the practically proven internet marketing strategies.

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the most preferred technique to promote a website through high visibility on search engines organically. It involves no paid campaigns or advertisements on portals, sites, etc. SEO, simply put, is the process of optimization of a website internally through the page title, description of each page properly & uniquely. Rich, quality based unique content always adds value to a website and puts a plus point to its visibility on search engines. The other part of search engine optimization is submission of the web pages through sitemaps to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Submission to web directories, niche directories, creating quality back links, social bookmarking & presence on social networks gives your visitors a Hi5 impression.

  • Social Media Optimization – Optimization of the Social Media is another important aspect which is discussed in more detail under the Social Media Optimization section. In a few words, social media optimization means the optimization of business or company / organization’s social pages, improve the landing presentation, increase followers and social engagement through likes, comments, tweets and active readers or post viewers. The social networks with heavy traffic today are namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest & several others. Most SMO agencies use about 60-80 global social networks to promote the presence of your business over the social media.

  • Search Engine Marketing –  Often when you log on to search engines like Google Bing, etc. to search some stuff of need you find sponsored links on the top, right & bottom positions of the search page. These ads are actually the paid ads. Which means that you select a budget, target region, time of the day or hours to display your ads to specific group of customers. You may target by gender, age or just based on location. This type of marketing called Search Engine Marketing is an inorganic process of generating business leads & get them straight to your site. Thereby, making attempts to sell them your products. SEM helps you bring high traffic and works as an additional support to the organic search engine optimization being done to your site, if any. However, SEM stops when you are running out of cash or campaigning expenses & is temporary, but SEO may still fetch you enormous number of leads.

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