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How to reinstall an application in Softaculous?


If you wish to reinstall your script, first you have to remove your current installation in order to avoid any errors caused by the existing files in the installation directory. This means that the application needs to be completely deleted. If you need any of the old data, it is highly recommended to back it up before deleting it.

The uninstall process consists of the following steps:

   1. Access your cPanel and follow the link to Softaculous from the "Software/Services" tab;
   2. From the top right menu choose the "All Instalaltions" button which looks like a wooden box;
   3. On the new page you will see a list of all installed applications. Find the one which you want to uninstall and click the "Remove" button;
   4. Install the application again by selecting it from the left menu. For more details you can check the Softaculous application installation tutorial.

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