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How can I download my Softaculous backups?


The Softaculous auto installer allows you to create/restore backups of your applications directly from the web interface. You can also download your backups via your web browser following these step:

   1. Access your cPanel and follow the link to Softaculous from the "Software/Services" tab;
   2. From the top right menu choose the "Backups and Restore" button which looks like a zipped folder;
   3. You will see all backups that you have previously created. You can click on the first blue arrow icon to download a backup.

Sometimes, when a backup is too big in size, you may not be able to download it. In such cases we advise you to use an FTP client and download your backup from your account. To download the backup access your account via an FTP client and go to the softaculous_backups folder. You will see all available backups and you can download them to your local computer.

Check out our Softaculous hosting package which will allow you to use all the great features that the Softaculous application provides to you.

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