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How to leave space between images and text in Joomla


By default Joomla leaves no space between text and images in articles. This can make your site design unpleasant and even annoying.

In order to fix it you will have to specify manually some HTML code. The easiest way to do this is to invoke the HTML editor window when editing an article or even to switch to NoWYSIWYG editor temporarily. Then along with the image attributes specify:


You can leave more / less space depending on your preferences.

Here is an example how will look the whole code for a sample image called joomla.png:

<img src="/images/stories/joomla.png" alt="Joomla" title="Joomla" align="left" border="1" hspace="4">

After making the change save the progress and there will be space between the text and the image.

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