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The Managed dedicated servers at Webinova are the best solution for your large website. You get the newest Dual Core processors, professional setup, and guaranteed data security and reliability. see Dedicated Hosting Plans..

  • Guaranteed data security and reliability
  • Generous resources for your large website
  • The most powerful Dedicated hosting solution
  • Professional setup and software installation
Atom Dual Core 330 1.6 GHz
OS                 CPanel        Managed       RAM              HDD         Traffic         Price/mo.
CentOS          Yes                  Yes        2GB DDR2       500GB        10TB           Rs. 10,260
Setup Fee    Rs. 5,200
Intel i3 540 3.06 GHz
OS                CPanel        Managed        RAM               HDD          Traffic       Price/mo.
CentOS         Yes                  Yes         4GB DDR3        500GB         10TB         Rs. 13,965
Setup Fee Rs. 7,800
Nehalem Xeon 5520  2.26 GHz
OS                 CPanel       Managed        RAM               HDD           Traffic      Price/mo.
CentOS          Yes                 Yes          2GB DDR3         1GB          10TB          Rs. 19,950
Setup Fee Rs. 8,000
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